Rockwool Safe’n’Silent Pro


General Product Information

ROCKWOOL stone wool products are made of basalt, a volcanic stone. ROCKWOOL stone wool products are non-combustible with a melting point of approximately 1000C. They are particularly suitable for thermal insulation, fire protection and sound reduction or absorption. ROCKWOOL stone wool is inorganic and contains no nutritious substance.

Therefore it will not be attacked by microorganisms. Stone wool will not rot and does not attract vermin. No CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, or asbestos are used in the manufacture of ROCKWOOL stone wool products.


Recommended Applications

ROCKWOOL Safe n Silent Pro is designed and manufactured to achieve excellent acoustic insulation performance in all types of drywall partition configurations. It is recommended to be used for drywall partition applications in hospitals, cinemas, schools, offices, residential and industrial buildings.

Safe n Silent Pro meets the requirements of NoiseCriteria (NC) specifications developed by the Rockwool company. NC comprehensively measures the noise levels of a room and with the use of NC ratings, recommends the desired acoustic comfort level of a room/space.


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Packaging and Storage

ROCKWOOL Safe n Silent Pro is shrink-wrapped in polyethylene sheets for ease of handling, transportation, storage and identification. Products should be stored indoors or underwaterproof covering.


Safe 'n' Silent Pro 330, Safe 'n' Silent Pro 350, Safe 'n' Silent Pro 370, Safe 'n' Silent Pro 380