Corner Bead


Product Information

Drywall Partition Metal Framing Solution is a system that provides framing and support for building drywall partitions. Drywall partition is usually made with gypsum boards and durable zincalume or galvanized iron.

Due to its ease of installation, it is widely used in residential buildings and offices to separate rooms or create a private area. Drywall partition is also favored as it is lightweight and does not require heavy and bulky materials like bricks to construct walls.

Furthermore, it can also be customised to accommodate fire-rated, thermal insulation, or acoustic insulation systems to meet the different needs. Hence, the metal framing is essential and critical in providing a reliable drywall partition system.

Product Usage

  • Utilized on corners of walls to reinforce the corners
  • A foundation to provide a smooth and sturdy corner
  • Perforated holes to allow extra bond between joint compound and bead
  • Available in¬†Zincalume / Galvanised Iron



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  • All our metal sections are made from Zincalume or Galvanised Iron which offers high protection against corrosion.
  • Highly durable suitable for fire-rated or impact system
  • Customizable sizes for versatility

Zincalume, Galvanised Iron

Width (mm)

25, 30

Breadth (mm)

25, 30

Length (ft)

8, 10